Gambia’s Deputy Speaker wins the 2022 African Lawmaker of the Year Award in Good Governance Award

Hon. Seedy SK Njie, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of The Gambia has emerged as the winner of the African Lawmaker of the Year Award in the African Good Governance Awards 2022 by the African Leadership Magazine.
The award will be officially conferred on him during the International Conference for African Political Leadership in London 2023, UK in May 2023.

The African Good Governance Awards is a special recognition of outstanding political and government leaders across all levels who have exhibited exceptional leadership and outstanding performance in governance, with concerted efforts and significant contributions towards the socio-economic development of Africa, positioning their respective countries as a cynosure of development in the continent.

On the merits of the award, the African Leadership Magazine states that the award is in recognition of Hon Njie’s tireless efforts and outstanding contribution to national development, the sustenance of parliamentary democracy and good governance, as well as his bravery and courage in providing oversight over the executive and judiciary to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in delivering the dividend of democracy to the people, as well as sponsoring bills towards the development of the educational sector.

“The editorial board of the African Leadership Magazine therefore commends you as a shining light on the continent, contributing towards changing the continent’s narrative, and inspiring the next generation to the leadership of accountability, integrity and service delivery.”