National Assembly Members Earn Global Recognition for Advocacy and Leadership

The National Assembly is celebrating the well-deserved awards of two of its members, Hon. Fatoumatta Njai and Hon. Modou Lamin Bah, who have received international recognition for their outstanding contributions in distinct areas.


Championing Women and Children


Hon. Njai, National Assembly Member for Banjul South, has been awarded the maiden merit award by the Association of West African Legislative Correspondents (AWALCO) for her commitment to women’s empowerment and child welfare. Recognised as a true champion, her instrumental role in securing resources for initiatives that uplift women and girls has not gone unnoticed.


At the same ceremony, Hon. Njai shared the stage with three colleagues from the ECOWAS Parliament, each commended for their dedication to regional advancement: Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis (Speaker), Hon. Awaji Abiante (Nigeria), and Hon. Vilane Abdoulaye (Senegal).


Leading the Charge on Mental Health


Meanwhile, Hon. Bah, National Assembly Member for Banjul North, has been nominated as the first President of the Global Youth Mental Health Forum. This prestigious role positions him to spearhead the youth platform, elevating mental health awareness to a global household topic.


The Forum, a U.N.-registered organisation based in India, aims to provide a strategic platform for addressing mental health concerns. Hon. Bah expressed his profound excitement over the nomination, emphasising that mental health transcends the mere absence of illness and lies at the very foundation of human well-being. He reiterated his commitment to serve the people and fulfil the weighty responsibility entrusted to him.

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