Honourable Members of the National Assembly on Saturday 1st June 2024 concluded a three-day seminar on Ethics in Constitutional and Legislative Processes.

The seminar supported by International IDEA with funding from the European Union through the CODE project was aimed at providing National Assembly Members with the tools to guide them as a reference point in their conduct relative to the fulfilment of the core mandate in constitutional and legislative processes, approving budget, scrutinising the executive, and representing public interests; and establish a Code of conduct and ethical standards.

The seminar also witnessed the validation of a Code of Conduct for Members of the National Assembly which is expected to be tabled for consideration during the Second Ordinary Session.

Presiding over the opening of the seminar, the Honourable Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Seedy SK Njie noted that the engagement is useful for Honourable Members of because the regulation of parliamentary behaviour and ethics standards is an essential element to secure public trust in the efficacy, transparency, and equity of democratic systems, as well as to foster a culture of public service that favours public interest over private gains.

Adding that it is important that Parliamentarians demonstrate high standards of ethics consistent with their important public interest roles, especially when they are scrutinising the executive arm of government.

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Momodou A Sise used the occasion to remind Honourable Members of his office’s commitment to supporting the Assembly to improve systems and processes, adding that instituting an ethics regime is a significant milestone to enhance professionalism and standards in the legislature.

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