Deputy Clerk Legal & Procedural Matters


The Legal and Procedural Matters is one of the three key divisions of the National Assembly Service. The Division is headed by the Deputy Clerk, Legal and Procedural Matters responsible for the general functioning and supervision of the various department and units within the division.

Generally, the Legal and Procedural Matters division is charged with the responsibility of coordination and supervision of the effective functions and operations of the Legal Affairs, Table Office, and Sergeant-At-Arms departments. The Division provides legal and procedural services to the Office of the Speaker, Honourable Members, and the Office of the Clerk for the effective and orderly operations of the National Assembly.

The division is responsible to the Clerk for advice on all parliamentary procedures, practices, conventions, and traditions to the Speaker, other Presiding Officers, and all Honourable Members.

It is also the responsibility to promote and enhance public understanding and knowledge of the procedural work of the National Assembly and increase public accessibility and awareness of the operations of the Assembly.